Visit Kelheim

Welcome to Kelheim! Take a closer look at Kelheim through our digital guide.

We are students from the Donau-Gymnasium Kelheim, and together with our teacher, Sabine Schmöller, we have created a digital guide, "Visit Kelheim," as part of our English class P-Seminar project.

Since the beginning of the school year, we have been working hard to bring you an immersive experience of Kelheim's rich history. We are excited to guide you through the highlights of our charming town and hope you enjoy your journey through Kelheim's past.

The benefits of this digital guide for you include: it's in English, free of charge, and easy to use. You don't need to book a tour guide, the information is available 24/7, and we've compiled both the highlights and our personal tips.

Get an overview of:
1. The Ducal Warehouse "Herzogkasten"
2. The Gates of Kelheim
Altmühl GateDanube GateMitter Gate
Matthias Kraus Monument
Memorial of King Ludwig I
Old Canal Harbor
Otto Chapel
7. Towers of Kelheim: 
Erasmus Tower & Grinder Tower
Townhalls of Kelheim
Wittelsbach Castle

Join us as we explore the fascinating history and vibrant sights of Kelheim!

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